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Sportsmanship. Books.

This post is a waste of time. You don't have to read it. I'm just typing it out because there's nothing better to do. Fuck yeah.

I'm actually just waiting around for someone to return with a car to take me to *gasp* Wal-Mart (fuck yeah!) to get the film from my trip. So, yes. I'd amuse everyone with some of my artwork, but what makes you think you're worthy? Hm?

That's what I thought.

But here, for the nice people who read all this junk, here's a Bushism to hopefully get you through the day. Somehow. Because Starbucks (fuck yeah!) isn't going to cut it.

"I hope you leave here and walk out and say, 'What did he say?'"


Edit - 9:15am: Holy frig on a stick...Team America's release date changed. Now sadness is upon me. But at least I have the soundtrack before my birthday, because, you know, that'll be what's blaring out of the speakers. Hell yes.

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