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My mission

Lately I feel that I have been neglecting the fact that we can rent unlimited films from Hollywood Video for no more than $9 (soon to be $15, but still) a month. So, what I have to show you is my mission. It may be pointless, it may be questionable...but I'll be damned if I have anything better to do.

The Mission:
Rent every DVD in possession of Hollywood Video, only on films that I haven't seen.

My mouth is gaping open at the overwhelming thought of all those movies, make things seem a bit easier, I'll be doing it genre to genre. So...

A good one to start out with would be Kids, I suppose. But I must note that if a film looks too terribly bad (like, say, for example...Frankenfish, or Most Valuable Primate, and the like), I won't rent it. So, basically...I'll be renting anything that I think I might like.

...Yeah. Any suggestions for future rentals, anyone?
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